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Kung Lek Kuen - Power Fist
Jeet Kuen - Quick Fist
10 Punches

Sui Min Jeung - Small Cotton Palm
Mui Fa Kuen - Plum Flower Fist
Doi Min Jeung - Fighting Cotton Palm
Simple Locks 1-20

Law Horn Kuen - Buddha Fist
Kwan Yeung Kwan - Shepherd Staff
Hun Kuen - Walking Fist
Yat Ling But - 108 Partner Form
Simple Locks 21 - 40

Lok Hop Do - Six Harmony Sabre
Dai Hung Kuen - Great Hero Fist
Ng Fu Cheung - Five Tiger Spear
Lui Fung Doi Qwan - Thunder Wind Fighting Staff
Locking Hands 1 - 20

Dai Min Jeung - Great Cotton Palm
Lin Kuen - Connecting Fist Form (1-30)
Dat Mo Gim - Dat Mo’s Sword
Don Do Por Cheung - Sabre Fight Spear
Locking Hands  21 - 40

Sui Hung Kuen - Small Hero
Lin Kuen - Connectinf Fist Form (31-50)
Hop Gin Kuen - Harmony War
Chung Chow Dai Do - Dynasty Kwan Do
Dai Do Doi Cheung - Kwan Do Fight Spear
Locking Hands  41-70

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